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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Alkyd Resins In Paints ( Art & Chemistry)

Alkyd Artists Paints (Art & Chemistry)

Alkyd resin is synthesized from plant and vegetable oils, like linseed or soya oil, that is modified (oil-modified alkyd resin) for use in artist’s oil paints, mediums and grounds. I convert linseed oil (tung oil, crambe oil, walnut oil, etc with some castor oil additive) , for example, into the mono-glyceride derivative with glycerol, followed by reaction with phthalic anhydride.When it is dry alkyd is tough, flexible and resistant to solvents. The main advantage of alkyd is in the speed at which alkyd resin dries. Alkyd oil paints or oil paints with added alkyd mediums will usually be touch-dry in 24 hours, if painted in a normal thin film. They become tacky within a few hours so brushstrokes can be added without disturbing the earlier paint.

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