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Friday, July 5, 2019

Cleaning Brushes (Oil Paints)

Oil Brushes

 Plain soap and water works extremely well after the brush has been wiped free of excess paint. 
If the brush is going to be used immediately with other oil-based paints, this obviously is not going to work.
Maintain a small glass jar with well-fitting lid. Fill the jar with turpentine solvent and place a small metal coil in the bottom of the jar to rub the paintbrush against. Repeat rubbing and dipping in the solvent 2-3x. Make certain the jar is tightly closed after each use. After painting is complete , clean the brush with  paper,m dip and scrape in the turpentine and follow up with the warm water/ detergent treatment. Allow the brush to air dry.

As for brushes with dried oil paint,  try the turpentine method ; if not effective in cleaning the. brush, it is time to consider a new brush and better work habits. Don't feel bad: Van Gogh and Gauguin were known to be very sloppy with proper handling of their paints! I wonder the condition of their brushes.....

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