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Friday, August 2, 2019

Developmental Oil-based Paint/ Acrylic Paint/ Petrolatum/Emulsion

A small amount of commerical oil-based yellow paint blended with a larger amount of commercial acrylic paint emulsified with 'synthetic petrolatum (see below) and Span 20 non-ionic surfactant.

The emulsion forms in about a minute to uniformity. I will upload exact amount of each paint component.

The yellow (or the blue) paint is applied to an index card pre-treated with acrylic gesso which was dried with a hair dryer.

The undercoat to the paint is hard pastel (blue) or 'Cray-Pas' oil pastel for the yellow.

No seepage of oil into the paper was noted after 5 minutes at 20 deg.C.
I like the flow off the brush.  I used a bristle brush with the blue hue.

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