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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Linseed Oil Drying oil Non-Ionic surfactant Video

Start of reaction between linseed oil/ trimethylolpropane / p-methylphenyl sulfonic acid catalyst (110-120 deg C. 2-4 hrs) to yield , via transesterification, mostly mono-ester drying oil non-ionic surfactant for paint formulations. Note: the trimethyolpropane dissoves in the linseed oil by reaching 60 deg.C (this was my concern initially).
I am using a mole ratio of linseed oil: trimethylolpropane which will average out to a mono-ester .
A more extensive video will be uploaded to YouTube in a few weeks along with amounts of reactants.
The mono-ester can also react with pthalic anhydride ( 210-230 deg C Sn(II) catalyst) to yield a relatively fast-drying resin for oil-based paints.

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