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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Synthetic Petrolatum Emulsified Paint Formulation Video

An extended video will be uploaded on preparing synthetic petrolatum ( renewables) as a component of emulsified paint formulation.

Petrolatum mixture contains: coconut oil, transesterified lanolin ,tranesterified linseed oil, talcum, beeswax, castor oil , Gold Bond powder, emulsifying wax.

The lanolin and linseed oil were reacted with trimethylolpropane ( p-toluene sulfonic acid catalyst, 150-160 deg C/ 2-3 hrs) to afford lanolin with released fatty alcohols and linseed oil mono-ester which is a non-ionic drying oil surfactant.

The petrolatum is homogeneous and fully liquid at 90 deg C, cooled to 50 deg C and blended for 2-3 minutes before pouring in pans to cool to 20 degC overnight.

Mixing with watercolors or gouache creates an emulsified paint formulation.

Cooling petrolatum after blending.

Above: After 15 hrs at 20 deg C. Upper left: lanolin transesterified with trimethylolpropane. upper right: lanolin (untreated).  Lower left and right: the synthetic petrolatum .

Above: A commercial green gouache paint blended with the synthetic petrolatum. The unusual nanotubular halloysite kaolin mineral added . Right : same paint without the mineral added.
The lighting for the images is not the nest, but the mineral helps brush flow and minimizes streaks. No undercoat used for either sample and the foundation is cardstock.
The novel paint formulations will be prepared with various pigments /dyes and studied. The paint is dry to the touch within one day at 20 deg C. The linseed component in the petyrolatum should dry over time.

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