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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Novel Cellulose Ester Varnish

I am developing novel emulsified celluose acetate/butyrate paint formulations ( see previous uploads)
and some contain 'chitosan' for various impasto effects.

To protect the surface of these novel paints, I have found that cellulose acetate-butyrate readily dissolves in 80% (v/v) 1-butanol (n-butyl alcohol) and 20% (v/v/) spearmint oil. Upon heating to homogeneity, followed by cooling to 20 deg C., a clear , translucent syrup forms which can be applied to dried paint surfaces as a protective varnish.

1-butyl alcohol is a relatively non-hazardous ( to health) solvent and 'bio-butanol' is being produced via fermentation processes with certain microbial species .

Thus, bio-butanol and 'spearmint oil ' (orange oil can also be used) are the renewable components of the varnish along with the bio-degradable cellulose esters.

Image of the freshly applied varnish via brush:

The varnish can be seen at the top of the image.

I am allowing this to dry overnight at 20 deg C.

Copyright 2019. David S. Soriano.  All Rights Reserved.
Permission is granted to use the contents/ imagery in this upload but proper reference to my work is requested.

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