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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Novel Emulsified Cellulose Paint Formulation (RGB Determination)

A 'blue' commercial gouache paint  was blended with a white liquid car wax emulsion ("Mothers") and chitosan and applied to cardstock. The paint surface was sensitive to water contact upon drying overnight. Paint particles fell off and thus the surface remains "workable" (see image below).

After drying 24 hrs at 20 deg C, the surface image was captured and uploaded to a server for RGB values determination.

Four corners and center point samples were captured and average RGB % values calculated:

R: 15%. G: 35%.  B: 50%

The 'dried' paint sample placed in distilled water. Within minutes, particles of the paint crumble and fall off into the beaker. The surface remains workable. A completed artwork must be protected with glass or a varnish applied for protection.

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