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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Fresco Artwork: 10.5"x14.5" x0.5" Concrete Platform

I find this dimension attractive for my fresco secco artwork.

I mixed fast0setting concrete with powdered clay 'kitty litter'. No pozzolan ash was added to this trial.

I allowed the concrete to dry in the garage for 8 hrs at 70 deg.F or so.
I very carefully inverted the mold inches from the floor and it came out easily with no breakage.

I sprayed the mold with WD40 lubricant as a mold release agent before adding the concrete mix.

I will let it dry/ strengthen for 48 more hrs before applying a grout plaster topcoat. Artwork can then commence.

I would suggest this dimension would be good for fresco studies before scale-up.

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