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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Novel Oil Impasto Technique


    I place one stick of crayon and 4 teaspoons of boiled linseed oil in a silicone mold ( one can use an aluminum can) and placed on heating tray until liquid followed by light stirring. I remove the mold and cool liquid to room temperature and allow to sit for 2-3 hrs.

I  remove the colored wax and store in an air-tight container to prevent linseed oil drying.

A section of the 'oil stick' is cut and mulled with a 'fluid cold wax' previously prepared. I use cold waxes to protect gouache artwork.

The fluid cold wax has linseed oil/ castor wax/ soy wax and about 5-10% of turpentine which has 10% dammar resin dissolved in it.

I will upload the exact amounts of each fluid cold wax tomorrow!

I mull the section of the 'oil stick' with approx. the same amount of the fluid cold wax.

I store the paint in an air-tight container. I added about 5-10% of a commercial oil paint to the paint before mulling.  I applied the impasto paint with a stiff brush. It will air dry over time, as expected.

Above is a swatch of the impasto on poster board which is glued on some cardboard as support.

The value of the paint is darker than shown in the image.

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