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Friday, May 19, 2023

Deep Eutectic Solvent ("DES") / Dye Developmental Paint.

 Deep Eutectic Solvent ("DES") / Dye Developmental Paint/ David S. Soriano


Yellow food coloring used with minimal water. Foundation can be poster board (shown) or bare wood ( not shown).


Layers shown built up in 15-20 minute intervals.  Minimal water used and a few drops of water-based polyurethane will protect dried surface / UV screening.


Paint is being developed. Check back!  A skilled artist will adjust eye/ hand/ brush to paint and platform. Ist coat is weak but each coat gets easier to apply.  

Paint can be left open to the air since DES is very non-volatile. A drop of water can be added as needed.  Minwax's "polycrylic" can be added as the water-based polyurethane varnish. The acrylics crash out and cannot be used.



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