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Monday, November 5, 2018

"Art and Scientific Creativity"

" The capacity for transcending the self through art arises from the creative process, an altered state of consciousness facilitating the occurrence of anomalous events such as precognition and interior visions that appear to be outside the space-time of waking life. Frustration can trigger the far-from-equilibrium conditions necessary for creativity, while inspiration may seem as if its source is exterior to the artist, and the experience of flow, like a trance state, can produce an altered sense of time. The creative process links a single mind to the collective unconscious and works of art become self-opening worlds that create an expanded reality.
Creativity in the sciences is seemingly based on the ability to link two , or more, seemingly unrelated phenomena. "

Developmental 'Acrylic-Fresco' Paint Formulations

The yellowish-brown base in the image and the pink are the developmental paints which can be lightly sanded after drying to present a weathered look. The red is commercial acrylic.