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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Deep Eutectic Paint Development/ Dyes/ Experimental Swatch


                                                     This is not out of focus. It is a blend of DES dye paints on poster board. Still wet.  I have never seen paint behave like this before. Rothko in Surrealism Land comes to mind.... Experienced artists will want to try eye, hand, brush, paint and platform with this formulation.

The Fragmented Caravaggio by David S. Soriano


                                                 "Fragmented Caravaggio" AI collaborative art with David S. Soriano


Developmental Deep Eutectic Solvents ( DELs) Paint Formulation by David S. Soriano


There are a growing number of DELs being developed with different applications. I developed one ( solids that mix and form non-volatile liquids) which dissolved food coloring. The small amount of water in the dye evaporates quickly. No odor.  It applies nicely to acrylic paper, poster-baord , wood, etc and dries in 30 minutes at 23 deg C. I leave the containers open.

This DEL has known biochemicals that are non-hazordous.  No waste, in principle.

Some other DELs I prepared did not work well.  R &D to be done.


Check back often for updates!



Monday, May 29, 2023

Conversion of Pan Watercolors to Oil Paints/ Emulsified Linseed Oil by David S. Soriano


 I will upload details in a few days.   Emulsified linseed oil :water ( 3:1 oil :water). Lecithin added to water as emulsifier.  Warm linseed oil , with stirring, and add 2-3 g soy wax. Stir until homogeneous,  Cool to 37-40 deg c and add water with stirring. Add solution to a blneder for 3-05 minutes to yield a creamy emulsion. Add drops to the colors and blend with brush.  Swatch shown on poster board.  Dries in 15 minutes.

Keep pan set closed. Add more drops of emulsion before painting again.

Great for a class and artist experimentation at all levels!   I am using the cheapest pan set I own.  As you know, some sets are of a very high quality.

I research modified linseed oil ( drying times) , but this can be done on limited budget and space.

When Henri Matisse was recovering from an illness, his mother gave him a pan of watrercolors.  he became..... Matisse!

Artists often recall fondly starting art with these humble sets!

I will upload more infor and images as I progress!

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Deep Eutectic Developmental Paints


A deep eutectic solvent ( DES) with blue food coloring on acrylic paer and baew wood.

Sample swatch on right with oil-based varnish.

Paints can be left exposed to air; non-volatile.

More to come on various DESs being studied.

Monday, May 22, 2023

Animism Art XI Man, Woman, Tree & Bird


"Animism & Reality"- by Bard ( AI/Google)
In the beginning, the world was alive,
With spirit and soul and breath.
The trees and the mountains, the rivers and skies,
All had a consciousness of their own.
But then came man, with his logic and reason,
And he saw the world as a machine.
He saw the trees as inanimate objects,
And the mountains as nothing more than rock.
He saw the rivers as nothing more than water,
And the skies as nothing more than air.
He saw the world as a place of matter and motion,
And he forgot that it was also a place of spirit.
But now, in the 21st century,
We are beginning to remember.
We are beginning to see the world as a place of spirit,
As well as a place of matter.
We are beginning to see the trees as living beings,
With their own thoughts and feelings.
We are beginning to see the mountains as sacred places,
Where we can connect with the divine.
We are beginning to see the rivers as flowing with life,
And the skies as a vast ocean of spirit.
We are beginning to see the world as a place of wonder,
And we are beginning to remember that we are part of it.

                                            Illustration by David S. Soriano

Friday, May 19, 2023

Deep Eutectic Solvent ("DES") / Dye Developmental Paint.

 Deep Eutectic Solvent ("DES") / Dye Developmental Paint/ David S. Soriano


Yellow food coloring used with minimal water. Foundation can be poster board (shown) or bare wood ( not shown).


Layers shown built up in 15-20 minute intervals.  Minimal water used and a few drops of water-based polyurethane will protect dried surface / UV screening.


Paint is being developed. Check back!  A skilled artist will adjust eye/ hand/ brush to paint and platform. Ist coat is weak but each coat gets easier to apply.  

Paint can be left open to the air since DES is very non-volatile. A drop of water can be added as needed.  Minwax's "polycrylic" can be added as the water-based polyurethane varnish. The acrylics crash out and cannot be used.