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Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Primitive Perspective. Graphic Art

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Novel Cellulose Ester Varnish

I am developing novel emulsified celluose acetate/butyrate paint formulations ( see previous uploads)
and some contain 'chitosan' for various impasto effects.

To protect the surface of these novel paints, I have found that cellulose acetate-butyrate readily dissolves in 80% (v/v) 1-butanol (n-butyl alcohol) and 20% (v/v/) spearmint oil. Upon heating to homogeneity, followed by cooling to 20 deg C., a clear , translucent syrup forms which can be applied to dried paint surfaces as a protective varnish.

1-butyl alcohol is a relatively non-hazardous ( to health) solvent and 'bio-butanol' is being produced via fermentation processes with certain microbial species .

Thus, bio-butanol and 'spearmint oil ' (orange oil can also be used) are the renewable components of the varnish along with the bio-degradable cellulose esters.

Image of the freshly applied varnish via brush:

The varnish can be seen at the top of the image.

I am allowing this to dry overnight at 20 deg C.

Copyright 2019. David S. Soriano.  All Rights Reserved.
Permission is granted to use the contents/ imagery in this upload but proper reference to my work is requested.

Novel Emulsified Cellulose Paint Formulation (RGB Determination)

A 'blue' commercial gouache paint  was blended with a white liquid car wax emulsion ("Mothers") and chitosan and applied to cardstock. The paint surface was sensitive to water contact upon drying overnight. Paint particles fell off and thus the surface remains "workable" (see image below).

After drying 24 hrs at 20 deg C, the surface image was captured and uploaded to a server for RGB values determination.

Four corners and center point samples were captured and average RGB % values calculated:

R: 15%. G: 35%.  B: 50%

The 'dried' paint sample placed in distilled water. Within minutes, particles of the paint crumble and fall off into the beaker. The surface remains workable. A completed artwork must be protected with glass or a varnish applied for protection.

Novel Emulsified Cellulose Ester Paint Formulation (RGB Determination)

Developmental emulsified paint formulation ( cellulose esters, water, glycerol, emulsifying wax, gum arabic and spearmint oil) with celite addition. No chitosan was added to this paint formulation.
The dried paint becomes impervious to water contact (see image below).

The dried paint (20 deg.C. 24 hrs on cardstock) had image captured and uploaded to a server which determines RGB values.

Four corners and center points were selected and RGB values averaged:

RGB % :      R 9.5%. G. 49%. B. 41.6%

 Above: the dried paint ( like acrylic-based paints) is impervious to water contact.

Novel Cellulose Ester Paint Formulation RGB Determination

A commercial 'green' gouache blended with cellulose acetate/butyrate ester emulsion ( emulsifying wax, glycerol, water, gum arabic and spearmint oil)  applied to cardstock and dried 24 hours at 20 deg.C. Commercial celite is also added.

The paint also has chitosan added for impasto effect.

An image of the dried paint is uploaded to a server that determines RGB values for the 'green' paint.
I selected pointa at four corners and  near center.
These are averaged.
The paints are shown below the uploaded image.

Avg RGB:    R 12% G 51%. B 37%

Car In Transit. Graphic Art

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Starbound. Graphic Art

Enhancing Egg Emulsifying Properties For Tempera Artwork

The great thing about egg tempera in artwork is that you can use almost anything to make pigment. Tempera artists often grind and mix their own pigments. The egg acts as the binder, and will stick almost any pigment to many different surfaces.
( What the Masters probably did not know, is that heating egg yolk to 63 Deg. C for 2-3 minutes, greatly increases the emulsifying properties which enhances the paint flow and appearance when dry.)

Meditative Art.

The Surreal World. Graphic Art

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Novel Acrylic Paint Formulation

The developmental water-based paint contains: pigment/ commercial liquid car wax/ chitosan and Crayola 'Air Dry Clay' with  Rust-Oleum's 'Seal-Krete' acrylic binder.

The RGB values will change value upon drying 24 hrs at 20 deg.C

After 1.0 hr. at 20 deg C:  R 64.6%. G 16.8% B 18.5%
Values averaged from measurements at the four corners and dead center of the image.