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Friday, December 28, 2018

Thursday, December 27, 2018

"The Olive Tree"/ Graphic Art

Currently being painted with pozzolina acrylics.

As Gauguin once said: "It can be whatever color the artist wants it to be."

Mt. Vesuvius/ Pompeii/ Pozzolana (Meta-Kaolin) Clay

The soil around the Mountain is enriched in pozzolana clay- which I incorporate into my paint formulations.

"The New Mediterranians"/ Pozzolana Paints

The use of the ancient Roman pozzolana clay in the preparation of 'paint chalk' -type formulations.

"Pozzolana Paint Formulations" (Developmental)

Pozzolana Paint Formulations/ Roman Tradition

'Chalk Paint' is essentially gouache with acrylic/ vinyl binders making the dried surface insensitive to water.

Mt. Vesuvius ( Naples, Campania in Italy) erupted periodically for centuries providing 'pozzolana ' clay ( meta-kaolin) which the Romans used to make concreate.

Of course, as a chemist, I produce 'pozzolana' thermally at 600 deg.C for 2-3 hrs. Temperature and time are important , otherwise you will generate alumina.

I mix the meta-kaolin with commercial latex ( actually a misnomer; it has higher content of vinyls vs. acrylics) , dye or pigment and another additive (secret at this point). I also add some additional 'polyacrylic ester' to boost quality of the formulation.

Artists use the 'acrylic paints ' ( more expensive but longer-lasting painted surfaces) .

Furniture finishers often use chalk paints ( calcium carbonate or plaster of paris) to produce the distinctive matte coloration.

I am currently completing this artwork using my 'pozzolana paint' formulations. Brush flow, drying time are excellent.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Copyright 2018

The designs on this blog are all my creations. Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved.

The final painted designs ( on bristol)  9" x11" or 11" x17" are for sale when completed.
Email for details:

I create most of my paints which are formulated by a novel process. Acrylics and gouache.

"The Torrent"/ Graphic Art

Painting to follow.

"I Think I'm Paranoid"/ Graphic Art

Painting to follow.

"The Cave Art Portal"/ Graphic Art

Painting to follow.

"Reflection"/ Abstract Art

Painting to follow.

"Sadness"/ Graphic Art

Painting to follow.

"The Village"/ Graphic Art

Painting to follow.

"Anguish"/ Graphic Art

Painting to follow.

"The Entertainer"/ Graphic Art

Painting to follow.

"Citric Source"/ Graphic Art

Painting to follow.

"Still Life With Face"/ Graphic Design

Painting to follow.