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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Color Is Communication David (S.) Soriano

Graphic art currently being painted on bristol with oil bars/ oil pastels undercoat.

Oil Bar Paint Testing

Oil bar flow, interaction with oil pastels, oil seepage through bristol foundation,drying time, etc.

Oil Bars ( Oil Sticks) Research

Top: Molten wax/ oil/ paint formulation
Next: Pored into a US dime roll/ wax being tested is also shown
Next: various oil bar paint swatches
Bottom: red oil pastel blended with the yellow oil bar paint
Sgaffito technique applied to the red oil pastel undercoat with blended oil bar.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Fear Of Rebirth Graphic Design. David (S.) Soriano

Cleaning Brushes (Oil Paints)

Oil Brushes

 Plain soap and water works extremely well after the brush has been wiped free of excess paint. 
If the brush is going to be used immediately with other oil-based paints, this obviously is not going to work.
Maintain a small glass jar with well-fitting lid. Fill the jar with turpentine solvent and place a small metal coil in the bottom of the jar to rub the paintbrush against. Repeat rubbing and dipping in the solvent 2-3x. Make certain the jar is tightly closed after each use. After painting is complete , clean the brush with  paper,m dip and scrape in the turpentine and follow up with the warm water/ detergent treatment. Allow the brush to air dry.

As for brushes with dried oil paint,  try the turpentine method ; if not effective in cleaning the. brush, it is time to consider a new brush and better work habits. Don't feel bad: Van Gogh and Gauguin were known to be very sloppy with proper handling of their paints! I wonder the condition of their brushes.....

Developing Oil Bar( Stick) Paint Formulations/ David Soriano

Developing novel 'oil bar' (oil stick0 paint formulations with castor wax/ castor oil.

(I am a chemist and amateur artist). Both fields converge with my interests!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Coming And Going. David Soriano (Graphic Design)

Developmental Oil Bars (Oil Sticks)

Top:  developmental oil bar paint formulation with a certain ratio of: castor wax, castor oil, linseed oil and commercial red paint (oil). 

Bottom: a model of ricinoleic acid found in castor oil. The lower red atom is the oxygen in the alcohol functionality; the castor wax and castor oil can interact via hydrogen bonding and can play a role in the flow of the paint off brush.  The paint has been applied to bristol paper . The paper has not been treated with an acrylic gesso which would absorb some of the paint oil.