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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Color- Mixing Guidebook by Powell

(In my opinion, Van Gogh had mental difficulties by not having such a book in his day.)

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Emulsified Cold Wax Paint/ Pentel Arts

"Pentel Arts" (eBay $8.99 Postpaid/ USA) are oil pastels from Thailand and of excellent quality for this price. A bit of orange pastel was heated along with a cold wax formulation, water, Span 20 (surfactant) and dammar resin in linseed oil. The mixture is cooled and stirred well. The paint flows off the brush onto bristol paper smoothly.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Floral Theme (In Progress) Emulsified Wax by David S. Soriano

3.5" x3.5" emulsified wax on coaster paper.
This study allows me to study the test paint formulation and it is flowing off the brush nicely. A very small amount of water should be added if viscosity starts to increase.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

"Existence & Impermanence" by David S. Soriano

The wisdom of the Buddha .

Emulsified cold wax on 3.5" x3.5" coaster paper. 

I was in a reflective mood and this resulted. 15 minute effort. Time is valuable.....

Coronavirus Perspective Graphic Art by David S. Soriano

Test Emulsified Cold Wax Paint

Yellow commercial watercolor in water, Span 60 surfactant, 20% damar in linseed oil and cold wax.

Note: The emulsions are remaining stable after one week at 20 deg.C in closed plastic vials.

Developmental Cold Wax For Paints

A 1:1 (mass) mixture ( 29 g) of hydrogenated castor wax and emulsifying wax (commercial) heated along with 3.0 g dammar resin and 30 ml. of a C-20 beta-branched ( so-called guerbet alcohol from Sassol North America and bio-degradable) to homogeneity and then cooled at 20 deg C.

The mixture forms a solid within 15 minutes.

Question: how will this cold wax blend with commercial watercolor , surfactants (i.e. Span 20 or Tergitol) and 20% dammar resin in linseed oil?

It is what the brush wants, not what the artist wants!