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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Lecithin Tempera Paint Development: Update

A small amount of commercial watercolor (tube) was added to a palette. An equal amount of water was added to the watercolor and a spatula tip of powdered lecithin was added and the mixture stirred well.

About five (5) drops of 20-25% (m/v/) dammar gum (resin) in either linseed oil of C16-C-20 alcohols (Sassol North America) was added and the emulsion well stirred.  The paint applied directly to bristol paper afforded a light impasto effect and a bristle brush was used.

I am studying the drying time at 20 deg.C. I will report my findings.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Lecithin Tempera Paint Development

Tablet camera not picking up the true vibrancy on the developmental paints on bristol paper.

lecithin emulsion of water:oil with oil being 20% dammar resin in linseed oil.  Dries within one hour to the touch.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Lecithin Tempera Developmental Paint

One party of powdered lecithin was wet with two -three parts of water. The mixture is stirred well after five minutes at 20 deg C. An equal amount of a commercial watercolor paint (tube) is added and the mixtures stirred to a creamy texture.
At this paint, 1-2 drops of dammar resin ( 20% m/v) in linseed oil is added and the mixture stirred well. The paint flowed well of the brush and applied to bristol paper directly.  The paint became dry to the touch after one houer at 20 deg C.

This novel form of tempera paint is being developed.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Totem Images/ Shaper-Shifters

Some totem designs symbolize beings that can transform themselves into another form (shape-shifters) , appearing as combinations of animals or part-animal/part-human forms. Besides some of the Northwestern USA Native peoples, the Lakota share some of these beliefs.

I look at five totem images, wait 15 minutes and draw a design based on what I recall.

Paint brings a drawing alive!

I am using dammar resin ( 20% m/v) in C16-C20 beta-branched alcohols (commercially available and bio-degradable) blended with commercial oil paints.