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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Animals Graphic Art

Cellulose Acetate/Butyrate Oil of Cloves Lacquer

We are investigating 'oil of clove', citronellal , (+)-limonene and (+)-carvone natural solvents in dissolving cellulose acetate/butyrate at the 10% (m/v) level. The viscous homogeneous mixtures can be thinned by microwaving 10-15 seconds.

We are interested in paint lacquers derived from the above.

Oil of clove with 10% (m/v) cellulose esters. Can be applied with brush to cardstock as an example.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Minimalism 2019. Graphic Art

Witchy Woman. Graphic Art

Cellulose Acetate/ Butyrate Dissolved in (+)-Limonene

8 g of  the cellulose mixed ester plastic dissolved in (+)-limonene at 75 deg C. The homogeneous solution is subsequently poured into aq. gelatin with rapid stirring and cooled to a emulsified lacquer.

The lacquer will slowly forma semi-solid which can be liquefied with microwave heating for 10-15 seconds.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Pneumatic Trough: The Holy Spirt. Graphic Art

Pneuma: from the Greek ("breath")

Pneuma: from the Greek ('breath'). When your mind is well-focused and positively focused, the breath will automatically supply spiritual oxygen and allow bright burning (insight).The state of your mind will decide how you will visualize the spiritual experiences you are going to absorb.

Picasso. Graphic Art

Multi-Tasking Hell. Graphic Art