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Saturday, June 24, 2023

Italian Art Grotesca/ "Man with Hat"


                                              "Man with Hat" (2023). David S. Soriano

                                                AI Collaborative Art   

Glaire/ Watercolor Paint Formulation by David S. Soriano

 The classic egg white ( glaire) paint is essentially whipped egg white with yolk removed. After settling for 12 hours, I scrape  off the crusty material on top of the glaire. it is essentially trapped air bubbles.

I get 25 g , or so, of egg white from a large egg.

I also can add a small amount of aq. guar gum to thicken the base paint , if desired.

The glaire paint was popular in Europe from about the 5th century C.E.  It was used with manuscripts.


I like working with this very fast base which is great for small artwork activity.


One approach is to use it with watercolors in pans.  I wet the color with water , clean brush and add glaire to the brush.  Remove some watercolor and apply to paper, poster-board or wood.  it dries quickly. I then clean the watercolor in the pan with a brush with water. You don't want the watercolor in the pan to harden.  The gum arabic binder in the watercolor mixes with the glaire with no problems.

Please be aware that many people have allergic repsonses to egg white due to the albumen proteins in the glaire.


                                                     Watercolor pan set, some glaire and a swatch on poster board.

Outline of a Woman. Ai Collaborative Art by David S. Soriano

 "Outline of a Woman"- by Bard ( AI/Google)

A woman's form, a silhouette Against the setting sun, Her beauty like a candlelight That warms my heart and soul.

I long to touch her, to hold her, To feel her skin against my own, But she is just an outline, A shadow on the wall.


                                              "Outline of a Woman" (2023). David S. Soriano

                                                AI Collaborative Art"



Friday, June 23, 2023

Roman Grotesca/ AI Collaborative Art/ David S. Soriano


                                             "Roman Grotesca" (2023). David S. Soriano

                                              AI Collaborative Art.

Italian Grotesca III by David S. Soriano


                                              Italian Grotesca   by David S. Soriano  2023

                                              AI Collaborative Art


                                            Nero: The Father of Roman Grotesca   2023 David .S. Soriano

                                            AI Collaborative Art

21st Centruy Tempera



                                              "21st Century Tempera"  by David S. Soriano

                                                AI Collaborative Art

Italian Grotesca II by David S. Soriano






Thursday, June 22, 2023

The Italian Grotesca I by David S. Soriano


                                              "The Italian Grotesca"  2023. David S. Soriano

                                              AI Collaborative Art.

Monday, June 19, 2023

Communication Finality (AI) by David S. Soriano


                                              "Communication Finality (AI)" by David S. Soriano (2023)

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Novel Deep-Eutectic Solvent (DES) / Linseed Oil Paint

 I use a 1:2 mol ratio of choline chloride: urea.  I heat the mixture for 30 minutes at 80 deg C until a clear liquid forms.  Cool to room temperature before use.

I place a  few drops of dye ( yellow food coloring is shown here) in  2 ml. of the DES.  I then add 1-2 ml of boiled linseed oil and stir well.

It seems the linseed oil is forming a micro-dispersion in the DES/dye. it applies beautifully to poster-board  or wood.  It will dry over 30 minutes to the touch.  No odor. The DES/linseed oil will not change over 2-3 days at 20 deg in an open beaker. 

                                         Copyright 6-19-23.    David S. Soriano

                                          I am a chemistry professor and studying this formulation in the lab .

                                        Please acknowledge my website  if you try this paint.


Freezing Clay/Casein Paint. by David S. Soriano

 Milk ( casein) paint can be kept refrigerated for one week before use in artwork.

i place 35 g milk powder ( 80% casein) in 125 ml. water. I warm in microwave in 30 second intervals until uniform.  I add 35-40 g "air dry" clay and shake for 30 minutes.  I then place it in a blender for 4 -5 minutes . I pour the base paint in silicone molds or ice-cube trays and store in the freezer (-15 deg C/ -5 deg F) overnight.  I then pop the solids out and keep them in a jiffy bag in the freezer.

When i want to make a paint:  I place a unit in the refrigerator overnight to begin to thaw out.  The next day, I bring to ambient temperature  and stir with dye/ pigment for painting.

YOU can store the units for 1-2 years in the freezer!



Art Intelligence by David S. Soriano

 There once was an AI named Art, Whose taste was quite sharp and quite tart. It could paint like a master, Or create a new taste, But it never could match the human heart.- Bard ( AI/Google)

                                              "Art Intelligence". (2023).  David S. Soriano