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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Sinus Infection Graphic Art

Ground Hard Pastel/ Mixed Mediums Paint Formulation

Ground hard pastel followed by addition of a clear acrylic binder. The acrylic paint is then blended with a synthetic petrolatum. The mixed mediums paint is added to cardstock. A mild impasto effect is observed.

Top: the mixed mediums paint applied to cardstock. A mild impasto technique is observed.

Bottom: the acrylic paint formed from clear acrylic binder and ground hard pastel before petrolatum addition.

The hard pastels are chalk with more pigment present than sidewalk chalks.

Ground Up Sidewalk Chalk/ Mixed Mediums Paint Formulation

Ground-up and sieved sidewalk chalk. The powder is blended with a clear acrylic binder. After mixing, a synthetic petrolatum is blended in and paint applied to cardstock.

A mild 'impasto' formis obserded on left. middle: an undercoat of hard pastel ( which has chalk)  Right: a small amount of 'apple barrel" commercial acrylic paint ( Tuscan Teal) is added for value change.

This experimental mixed mediums paint formulation is inexpensive, different and worth developing by artists.

Friday, September 13, 2019

The Pigeon From Hell. Graphic Art

Prepration of An Emulsifying Petrolatum

We are investigating a number of candidate emulsifying petrolatum formulations for use in acrylic paint production.

Oil-to-water emulsion.
Top left: water , tripropylene glycol and lecitihin.
Top right: n-butyl recinoleic acid (derived from castor oil), castor wax, esterified succinic acid (di-cetyl ester) and lanolin.
Solutions prepared by heating to 70-80 deg C and the oil is added with stirring to the aqueous .
Stir well 2-3 minutes while heating followed by pouring into pan and stirring well until congealed.
The emulsion is left at 20 deg c overnight (open to atmosphere) and then checked for emulsion stability.

Above: product obtained by heating succinic acid anhydride (10 g) with two (2) molar equivalents (48 g) of cetyl alcohol at 160-170 deg with stirring. After 20 minutes, 5 g lanolin added. Esterification/ transesterification is brought about.
The homogeneous solution is then poured into a metal pan and cooled to solidify. The substance has the look of cocoa butter . This material has the feel of a hard wax like castor.  It was used as one of the emulsion components.
A small amount of the emulsion was blended with an equal mass of an acrylic paint and had excellent brush flow on cardstock.

Reticent Bird Graphic Art

Reticent Bird

Monday, September 9, 2019