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Saturday, August 6, 2022

Still Life 2022 Digital Art


                                              DSS '22   currently being painted. Watercolor.

The Oasis/ Two Versions/ Digital Art


                                                   DSS '22

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Cave Painting Art / Digital Art


David S. Soriano 2022.  Watercolors on paper adhered to poster board. Approx. 6" x7".

Most Die At Night / Digital Art


                                                      DSS '22

                      Dr. Peter Fenwick points out that most people die at night. They have less cortisol produced at night and also less water consumption.

Still Life/ Bottles Surreal/ Digital Art


                                              DSS '22

Still Life/ Step Into Darkness/ Digital Art


                                             DSS '22.

The Garden II Digital Art


                                                    DSS '22

The Garden Digital Art


                                                   DSS '22

Face Cubism Watercolor


                                                         DSS '22 watercolor on 140 lb paper adhered to poster board. approx. 5.5" x7".

Cave Art /Watercolor


                                                          DSS '22

The Circus Comes To Town Digital Art


                                              DSS  '22

Monday, August 1, 2022

Hands With Prisms/ Cubism Digital Art


                                              DSS '22

                        Prism sky color my world
                        I can see that these are my hands
                        Palette inside/ I paint
                        Colors my own sour
                        Turns sweet  I claim
                        My stolen life- Katori Lighthouse

Watercolor Binder/ Aquazol


                                     23 g. 20% (m/v) 'Aquazol' binder mixed with 2.5 g honey and 7.5 g glycerin at 21 deg C.  The solution becomes homogeneous in minutes.  The 20% solution of Aquazol should br stirred for 24 hrs at 20 deg C in order to totally dissolve.  I find it superior to gum arabic. it has high reflectance.


Add a pinch of 'clove oil' or sodium benzoate as preservative. Keep cold , if possible, for a two week stable binder solution. Try it!

Pigment is then mulled in this binder solution in a 1:3 , or so, ratio.