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Saturday, January 5, 2019

"Appearance Before Pilate"/ Graphic Design

In the Coptic faith, Pontius Pilate is a saint and has a designated feast day.  Pilate was of Samnite ancestry.

Another Casein ("Milk") Paint Receipe/ Weblink

"Casein (Milk) Paint"/ Recipe/ Weblink

An attractive paint formulation prepared from casein (milk protein) and borax. When easily prepared, pigment or dye is added to the glue-like binder. I modify this formulation further.

It dries and , like gouache, remains water sensitive. It yields  a smooth ,matte hue ( 30+ colors can easily be prepared) and can also serve as an undercoat.

The paint formulation is stable for a few weeks and I am working on extending this lifetime.
It is an attractive paint formulation for artists to consider and a few have used it heavily in their work.
      I prepare 'chalk paint' with calcium carbonate ( or certain clays) and also add latex paint (with some booster acrylic emulsion added for strength). The chalk paint, once dry, becomes insensitive to water, as expected.

"Still Life While Mind Unclear"/ Graphic Design

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