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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Aquazol 50/ Acrylic Paint Formulations ( Observation)

 Aquazol 50 (water-soluble polymer) has been used as a consolidant in art restoration studies. It remains water-soluble and ageing simulations in the lab ( La Nasa et al 2017) revealed stability.

The Aquazol ( Polymer Science Innovations in AZ., USA) has been used in several ways in art conservation.

I placed a 1:1 mixture (v/v) of 35% Aquazol 50 with a commercial acrylic and a smooth blend occurred quickly at 20 deg C. The paint was smoothly added to cardstock and drying was retarded.

I will test a dried swatch in water for 24 hrs. at 20 deg C and look for bleeding. The acrylic should prevent this from happening.

The Aquazol 30 does indicate acceptable consolidant utility at this point  in time.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Sol Graphic Art by Soriano (Cuurently Being Painted)

 Acrylics in cold wax formulations on canvas.

Topsy Turvy Graphic Art ( Being Painted) David S. Soriano

 Currently being painted with acrylic cold wax formulations on canvas.

Acrylic Cold Wax Formulation


Commercial acrylics in cold wax ( 1:1:0.5  beeswax: emulsifying wax: iso-octanol)   / Turgitol (   few drops of non-ionic surfactant)  with "Mothers California Car Wax" and drops of water.
The paint flows smoothly like peanut butter.
I have found artwork can be varnished with dammar resin in turpentine in 48 hrs with no observed paint smearing.