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Saturday, October 8, 2022

Visionary Art Deco 2022" Tree with Face" by David S. Soriano


                                              Visionary Art Deco 2022  "Tree with Face" by David S. Soriano

                                               Creative Commons. Re-use following guidelines posted at this blog.

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Matisse Impression 2022 by David S. Soriano Artwork


                                              "Matisse Impression 2022" by David S. Soriano Artwork

                                                Creative Commons

Sacred Datura : A Psychoactive Plant

 Based on its effects on the human body and on various cultures' traditions relating to it, datura is considered sacred by some people. Its effects can be compared to those induced by other sacred substances such as hashish or LSD. For example, both Jimsonweed and LSD have been historically used by people migrating throughout North America for thousands of years for similar purposes such as enhancing spiritual awareness or inducing religious experiences. Additionally, both Jimsonweed and LSD have been used by people seeking increased awareness or enlightenment through their own individual journeys of consciousness expansion.


                                              Psychedelic Illustration by David S. Soriano 2022

                                            Creative Commons

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

"The LSD Jellyfish" with Illustration. Fiction. by David S. Soriano

 The user of an LSD jellyfish sees new and exciting things when looking through his own special jellyfish-like eyes. He will see many different shapes, colors and patterns that he did not see before ingesting the acid. The eyes themselves are derived from the outer layers of a jellies' tentacles; they are similar to our eyes in structure and function. They also have lenses, cornea, an iris and eyelids- all with similar functions as our eyes. A user will also be able to see outside of his own vision; he will be able to perceive what other people are seeing without distortion or hallucinations.


                              Fantasy short-story and illustration  by David S. Soriano 2022

                              Creative Commons.




World's First AI Essay and Illustration: "Jellyfish and Hallucinogenic Visions" by David S. Soriano


              World's first AI-generated essay and AI-generated Illustration

               I did significant modification of the AI-generated illustration.

               Thanx to:  Dall-E

               and Free-Writer and Text 

               David S. Soriano  2022 

               Creative Commons.



Several people have reported seeing strange jellyfish-related images after swimming in the ocean. They've claimed that the jellies' light caused them to see distorted human faces or other frightening imagery. Some believe that jellyfish emit a light that causes people to see strange images. This may be caused by a phenomenon known as iridescence. In this light, certain wavelengths bounce off the jelly's surface and into the eye of a swimmer. This would explain why people have different interpretations of what they see when looking at a jellyfish.

Monday, October 3, 2022

Fantasy Art Dragon Takes to Flight David S. Soriano Artwork


"Dragon Takes to Flight"  Illustration by David S. Soriano  2022

Creative Commons.  Re-use following outlines posted at this blog.

Machine-Learning and Mind Control Fantasy Art by David S. Soriano


"Machine-Learning and Mind Control" by David S. Soriano  2022

 Creative Commons release.

Mont Sainte-Victoire Still Life and Becoming Cezanne by David S. Soriano



Mont Sainte-Victoire Still Life and Becoming Cezanne by David S. Soriano

(A tribute to Paul Cezanne, Still Life, Black Borders and Mont Sainte-Victoire )

2022  Creative Commons.

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Cubism 2022 Owl Presentation by David S. Soriano


                                              Cubism 2022  "The Owl Presentation"

                                              Creative Commons     David S. Soriano

Visionary Art "Doorway to Opportunity" by David S. Soriano


                                              "Doorway to Opportunity' by David S. Soriano

                                                Creative Commons  2022.