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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Still Life Deco 2019. David S. Soriano

Art's Primary Charge

Art's chief charge is to take to bits great concepts, paints, brushes, foundations and undercoats and let us not forget colors and the latter's opposites.See how they work,and let them fight it out. Sit back and enjoy the spectacle."

Monday, September 2, 2019

Curiosity. Graphic Art David Soriano

Experimental Acrlic paint Formulation/ Emulsifying Renewable Petrolatum

I am developing renewable emulsifying petrolatum /acrylic paint formulations.
I work on bristol (140 lb.) foundation. My synthetic petrolatum formulations, by definition, have oil which will seep through the paper and cause damage sooner or later.
Composition: Sodium lauryl (dodecyl) sulfate (SLS) 0.5%, dibenzylidine sorbate 0.5%, propylene glycol 12%,
stearic acid 25.0%, synthetic petrolatum 25.0%, distilled water 37.0%.
Procedure: Melt the stearic acid and petrolatum at 70C----oil phase.
Dissolve SLS and
PG in water, and heat the mixture to 70C--aqueous phase. Add the oil phase slowly to the
aqueous phase, stir. Stop heating, stir till it begins to congeal. White , soft waxy semi-solid. Petrolatum formulations to be uploaded. I use an acrylic wash of chosen color as undercoat and , after drying, layer the paint formulation. The undercoat provides the barrier.

Unusual Lights Graphic Art. David S. Soriano