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Saturday, January 18, 2020

A Walt Disney 1920s Cartoon

I drew and painted a 1920s work by Walt Disney with my new polyurethanes along with watergel pens.

Watercolor vs. Polyurethane Developmental Paint by Soriano

Left: watercolor.  Right: same watercolor blended with a developmental water-based polyurethane which dries quickly like the acrylics and becomes unworkable. More bio-degradable than the acrylics, the polyurethanes.

Charcoal, Pastels and Watercolors: A Study by Soriano

Another Melatonin Dream Watercolors by Soriano

Watercolors on. the back of an envelope.

Head on Arm Charcoal Drawing by Soriano

I drew this variation of the late American artist Richard Diebenkorn's 'Girl With Head On Arm'.

I have a more athletic girl suggesting fatigue after athletic training.
I will paint this with novel water-based polyurethane wash paints I am developing.

1950 American Girl Charcoal Drawing by Soriano

I  wanted an angular chin in the subject. I also make notes in my drawings before painting. For example, I want red rosy cheeks. I can erase the notes I left for myself!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Melatonin Dream Graphic Art by Soriano

Developmental Water-Based Polyurethane Paints

As a chemist, I am developing water-based polyurethane paints vs. the conventional acrylics.
The polyurethanes dry just as fast as the acrylics and are bio-degradable, the acrylics are not.

The colors are brighter, as well.

Sunday, January 12, 2020