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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Staples of Life/ David S. Soriano (Artist)

Currently being painted with oil pastels.

Chemical Hybridization of Vegetavle Waxes & Oils/ Oil Pastels Research

Transesterification process being developed with vegetable waxes, oils such as castor oil, soywax, beeswax,corn oil, shellac -we are trying to create hybrids with melting point ranges of 30-40 deg.C such as found with cocoa butter.

Molten Crayon/ Oil Pastels Research

We are chemically hybridizing vegetable waxes and oils . The pigment source is molten crayons. The paper around the crayons can be removed with an exacto-knife.

We use hot trays ( local Walmart) which sell for $18 or so (USD). Ceramic cups from as local thrift store work well.