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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Nickel Electrodes/ Electroplate Bath/ Supercapacitor Research


                                              Electroplating requires attention and care.  I require some nickle electrodes for use in experimental supercapaciot design.  A section of  freshly prepared copper was carried out with a cooper pad. It was then cleaned with 95% ethanol. I then dip in 2M HCl to create some surface area.  5V/ 1.1 amp electroplating bath with nickel acetate/ vinegar and some sodium chloride. I use a nickle rod as sacrificial anode.  About 30 minutes per side.

I will pair a circular piece in a cylinder with circular grafoil and the separator is solid activated carbon/ graphite in a cylinder with aq. K2SOY electrolyte.  I introduce students to this research with this simply constructed unit to get things started in research.

I will post a V/current profile in a few weeks.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Step Across. AI Collaboration David S. Soriano


Step Across-  by Bard ( AI/Google)

Close your eyes and cross the bridge, Have trust and step into eternity. This is not the end of your sojourn, But a new beginning in the garden of memories. Hold tight to the ones you love, And let go of all your fears. This is the place where dreams come true, So step across and let your heart be free.


                                             "Step Across" (2023)    David S. Soriano

                                              Creative Commons.  Use but credit artist.

Activated Carbon/ Graphite Electrodes DIY. David S. Soriano


                                        On "You Tube", you will find an instructional video on preparing activated carbon electrodes on polystyrene.  This is one approach that will work.  Styrofoam is placed in acetone solvent to remove the air molecules and created a suspension of the styrofoam entrained with solvent. It is contacted with activated carbon and squeezed dry, placed in parchment paper and pressed for 48 hrs to yield the conducting material. It can be cut with scissors.  It can then be ironed with a fine mesh steel current collector to yield a functional electrode.

 Cayrex has many fine instructional videos which I recommend.

However, I do not use the above method.  Acetone is flammable and a lot of dust is generated.

I use "acrylic caulking (containing silicone) / caulking gun:



                               With caulk and activated carbon/ graphite , I create a thick paste which I smear on parchment paper and 6-ton press for one hour:

                   I will attempt to heat press a current collector on a section of the above hardened paste in a day or so.

                                  The middle electrode (above) has a fine steel screen pressed in with a "tortilla" hot plate ( two 10 second heat presses.  Be sute the electrode is sandwiched between parchment paper sections to avoid sticking.   It works!

                                          Use an iron if that is available.



I like the caulking approach to avoid the solvent and dust.


Monday, August 14, 2023

Two Stars In The Night. David S. Soriano


                                                "Two Stars In The Night" (2023).  David S. Soriano

                                                 Creative Commons.  AI Collaborative Art.  Use but credit artist.

Night Pedestrians. by David S. Soriano


 Night Pedestrians-  by Bard ( AI/Google)


Night creatures, like shadows, come and go, Gawked at by onlookers, who stare and stare, Sinister, yet harmless, they all know What it means to be alone, and bare.

They walk with purpose, yet without a care, Their eyes fixed on the ground, or on the sky, They are not of this world, yet they are here, A part of us, yet apart, so high.

They are the night pedestrians, the ones who walk In the darkness, when the rest of us are asleep, They are the ones who see the things we cannot, The things that go bump in the night, and creep.


                                            "Night Pedestrians" (2023). David S. Soriano

                                             Creative Commons.  Ai Collaborative Art . Use but credit artist.

Zinc Suitable for Electrodes Utility

 Amazon has a Chinese vendor selling small zin flower pots. Approx. 5" height.  They are coated with a plastic to protect the surface.  Very inexpensive.

I cut a section of one ( about 0.75mm thick) for use as an electrode in Cu/Zi.  and Ni/Zi cells.

I easily removed the organic coating with ethyl acetate and rubbed the surface with a piece of foamed copper.  A dip in 5& aq. HCl solution can clean the surface before use.

This zinc sample was also givne a 6 ton press to flatten the surface.

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Pittura Metafisica (2023). The Dance. David S. Soriano


                             Pittura Metafisica (2023)   "The Dance". David S. Soriano

                              AI Collaborative Art.     Creative Commons. Use but credit artist.

A Street Named Straight. AI Collaborative Art David S. Soriano


                                              A Street Named Straight.  (2023). David S. Soriano

                                              Creative Commons.  Use but credit artist.



The Street Called Straight-   by Bard ( AI/Google)

Paul walked this street, his path to salvation, A blinding light, the Holy Spirit's elation, He fell to the ground, his vision gone, But he knew he had found the way home.

In Damascus, on Bab Sharqi, He stayed in a house, his eyes still dark, But he knew the truth, he had seen the light, He was a changed man, he would spread the word right.