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Friday, August 2, 2019

Ibogaine: Bwiti Rite of Passage. David S. Soriano

Introspective Graphic Design. David S. Soriano

Developmental Oil-based Paint/ Acrylic Paint/ Petrolatum/Emulsion

A small amount of commerical oil-based yellow paint blended with a larger amount of commercial acrylic paint emulsified with 'synthetic petrolatum (see below) and Span 20 non-ionic surfactant.

The emulsion forms in about a minute to uniformity. I will upload exact amount of each paint component.

The yellow (or the blue) paint is applied to an index card pre-treated with acrylic gesso which was dried with a hair dryer.

The undercoat to the paint is hard pastel (blue) or 'Cray-Pas' oil pastel for the yellow.

No seepage of oil into the paper was noted after 5 minutes at 20 deg.C.
I like the flow off the brush.  I used a bristle brush with the blue hue.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Swimming Or Falling? Graphic Design

Currently being painted on bristol with oil-acrylics-synthetic petrolatum emulsion.
The small amount of commercial oil-based paint vs. the acrylic amount enhances the appearance when the paint dries.

Re-Surface. Graphic Design. David (S.) Soriano

Currently being painted on bristol with oil/acrylic/  synthetic petrolatum. / Span-20

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

"Birds In Flight". David (S.) Soriano

Graphic design being painted with synthetic petrolatum/ emulsified acrylics on bristol.

Conversion of D-Sorbitol to 1,4-Sorbitan

The D-Sorbitol is dehydrated at 180 deg. C for three (3) hours with 85% phosphoric acid catalyst.

The product will then be transesterified with linseed oil to a paint surfactant capable of drying.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Plunge. Graphic Design. David (S.) Soriano

Currently being painted with oil pastels undercoat and synthetic petrolatum-oils blend topcoat on bristol.

Alkyd Resin Oil-Based Paint Formulations (Artwork)

Linseed oil (or other drying oils ) and other oil reactants ( i.e. castor oil) are heated with dry glycerol to 230-250 deg C with tin (II) oxylate catalyst to form the corresponding monoglyceride.

Ex: 50 g linseed oil with 30 g glycerol can be heated to form the monoglyceride. When 1g of the cooled  heated mixture dissolves in 3 ml anhydrous methanol, the material is ready for resin formation.  In step #2, 20 g phthalic anhydride is added to the reaction mixture which has been cooled to about 180 deg.C. 50 ml. xylenes are added to the mixture an a dean-stark trap is added to the reaction vessel and formed water is azeotroped off to completion (acid value reaches below 10 mg KOH/g resin).

The cooled oily resin is subjected to additional analysis and then mulled with pigment to form a relatively (compared to linseed oil) fast drying paint .  I blend the formed paints , 1:1:, with synthetic petrolatums derived from renewables.

Otabr, Ifijen et al reported a convenient process to form the alkyd resins as described above.
Heliyon, 5, (2019) e1621  (open source).

The Weathered Fence Graphic Design David (S.) Soriano

Graphic design currently being painted with oil pastels/ synthetic petrolatum -oils on bristol.

Floral Still Life

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Nature Undisturbed. David (S.) Soriano

Graphic design currently being painted.

Developing Petrolatum-Oil Paints

I am developing synthetic petrolatum ("petroleum jelly") from renewables.
I use coconut oil, beeswax, castor wax, lanolin , linseed oil, jojoba oil and castor oil in experimental proportions.

I blend the petrolatum , 1:1, with commercial oil-based paints and love the flow off the brush. Bristle brush is effective.

The undercoat is oil pastels which i am also developing. The foundation. is bristol paper.
Soon, I will re-start research on novel 'alkyl-resins' to mull with pigments before adding petrolatum.

Since I am a chemistry professor, I can combine my paint formulations research with artwork for relaxation.
More recent studies are revealing what people have known for years: drawing and painting improve mental health!

Eharo Dance Mask (Elema Culture) New Guinea. Dvid Soriano Art

 My impression of an Eharo mask from Elema culture of Papua New Guinea in Muséum de Toulouse.
The masks were intended to be humorous and the wearer would dance with groups of women before a formal ceremony.

Currently being painted with oil pastels/ synthetic petrolatum (from renewables) -oil blends on bristol.

Recidivism In Art David (S.) Soriano

Graphic design currently being painted with oil/synthetic petrolatum paints and oil pastels on bristol.