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Saturday, March 30, 2019

"Dream Tripping"/ Graphic Design

Currently being painted with soft pastels.
Artist: David S. Soriano ( Bradford, PA., USA)

Flour Paint/ Milk Paint

Flour paint is also known as 'Swedish' paint because it has been used for centuries in Scandinavia.
It is comprised of pigment, flour, water , some iron (II) sulfate and linseed oil.

Irt can be applied at temperatures as low as 5 deg.C.
It can face rugged northern winters for as many as ten years.
The image on the left shows a batch I made using iron (III) oxide.

The right image shows 'milk 'paint made from dehydrated powdered milk, guar gum, dispersant and water. Some clay can be added as filler, as needed.

Monday, March 25, 2019

"Mind Research"/ Graphic Design

Currently being developed with pastels. Artist: David S. Soriano

Guar Gum & Locust Bean Gum

I use both gums in my 'milk paint' formulations along with casein ( in the whole milk powder).  I am focusing on the locust bean gum becuase it forms a stable sol ( colloid) and I hope such derived paints will be stable for days/ weeks or months? Time will tell......

This (above) is Gum Tragacanth which can be used to make soft and hard pastels.

Above" Locust Bean Gum

Burnt Sienna pigment in water along with whole milk powder and locust bean gum.
The left side of the image has a topcoat of yellow pigment / whole milk powder/ water and guar gum.

"Avellino, Italy". Soft Pastels

The entire undercoat ( on bristol foundation) was dome with soft pastels.
The topcoat will consist of multi-layers of my formulated milk-guar paints.

Artist: David S. Soriano ( Bradford, PA. USA 16701)