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Saturday, February 9, 2019

"Azo Pozzolana Pigment"

An azo dye produced via the 'grind method ' ( 5deg.C/ 5 minutes/ mortar & pestle) was diluted with water and meta-kaolin added. The mixture is stirred well and water allowed to evaporate overnight in a fume hood.
A gouache paint can be formulated if minimal water, high-fructose corn syrup ( binder) and a drop of PEG 8000 is added.
If an acrylic paint formulation is desired, no high fructose corn syrup is added ( the acrylic is the binder) , and minimal water and clear acrylic emulsion added. The paint is stirred well and kept in an air tight vial until needed.

Top image: azo pozzolana acrylic paint

Bottom image: The azo pozzolana pigment

"The Village" Graphic Design

Currently being painted:

"Hell Is Green ( Renewable)"/ Graphic Design

Currently being painted:

"Nepellus Journey"

Acrylics, azo acrylics and gel watercolors.
9" x11" on bristol.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

"Learning From Parables"/ Graphic Design

Logic is devoid of emotion. Humans store memories, and learn, via stories. The Teacher taught the people through parables. The Teacher was a social genius and understood the masses. The parables....were riveting.

"Window To The Soul"/ Graphic Design

Currently being painted:

"Azo Dye"/ Color Changes

An azo dye prepared from sulfanilic acid and phenol.

PH= 2.6-4.17   yellow

PH= 6.87   gold

PH =11.1   red

"American Windmill"/ Graphic Design

Currently being painted: