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Saturday, January 5, 2019

"Casein (Milk) Paint"/ Recipe/ Weblink

An attractive paint formulation prepared from casein (milk protein) and borax. When easily prepared, pigment or dye is added to the glue-like binder. I modify this formulation further.

It dries and , like gouache, remains water sensitive. It yields  a smooth ,matte hue ( 30+ colors can easily be prepared) and can also serve as an undercoat.

The paint formulation is stable for a few weeks and I am working on extending this lifetime.
It is an attractive paint formulation for artists to consider and a few have used it heavily in their work.
      I prepare 'chalk paint' with calcium carbonate ( or certain clays) and also add latex paint (with some booster acrylic emulsion added for strength). The chalk paint, once dry, becomes insensitive to water, as expected.

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