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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Trans-Esterified Lanolin- Oil Paint Formulation

Trans-esterification of lanolin with lauryl alcohol and C-18 beta-branched alcohols ( Tin (II) catalyst/ heat. stir 180-210 deg C for 5 hrs) yields a non-'sheep-like odor ' upon cooling to ambient temperature.  The creamy product is 'elegant' which means (in cosmetic chemistry) non-greasy.

I found that applied to watercolor paper, it serves as a barrier to oil-based paint leakage which can damage the paper foundation over time.

Mixing the lanolin with an equal mass of a yellow oil-based artist paint, along with 'Gold Bond' powder and some Span-20 (non-ionic surfactant) yields a viscous mass that stirred for 2-3 minutes forms a smooth emulsion.

It applies , with brush, nicely to bristol paper.

The following image shows the paint with various hard/ soft/ oil pastel undercoats:

I will note the drying time (the oil paint has linseed or equivalent resin) which is expected to dry.
I am releasing these findings into the public domain for artists to try out in studies.
i will post my findings as research develops and I will be making a 'You Tube' video in September.

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