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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Aquazol 50/ Acrylic Paint Formulations ( Observation)

 Aquazol 50 (water-soluble polymer) has been used as a consolidant in art restoration studies. It remains water-soluble and ageing simulations in the lab ( La Nasa et al 2017) revealed stability.

The Aquazol ( Polymer Science Innovations in AZ., USA) has been used in several ways in art conservation.

I placed a 1:1 mixture (v/v) of 35% Aquazol 50 with a commercial acrylic and a smooth blend occurred quickly at 20 deg C. The paint was smoothly added to cardstock and drying was retarded.

I will test a dried swatch in water for 24 hrs. at 20 deg C and look for bleeding. The acrylic should prevent this from happening.

The Aquazol 30 does indicate acceptable consolidant utility at this point  in time.

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