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Monday, August 1, 2022

Watercolor Binder/ Aquazol


                                     23 g. 20% (m/v) 'Aquazol' binder mixed with 2.5 g honey and 7.5 g glycerin at 21 deg C.  The solution becomes homogeneous in minutes.  The 20% solution of Aquazol should br stirred for 24 hrs at 20 deg C in order to totally dissolve.  I find it superior to gum arabic. it has high reflectance.


Add a pinch of 'clove oil' or sodium benzoate as preservative. Keep cold , if possible, for a two week stable binder solution. Try it!

Pigment is then mulled in this binder solution in a 1:3 , or so, ratio.  

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