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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

World's First AI Essay and Illustration: "Jellyfish and Hallucinogenic Visions" by David S. Soriano


              World's first AI-generated essay and AI-generated Illustration

               I did significant modification of the AI-generated illustration.

               Thanx to:  Dall-E

               and Free-Writer and Text 

               David S. Soriano  2022 

               Creative Commons.



Several people have reported seeing strange jellyfish-related images after swimming in the ocean. They've claimed that the jellies' light caused them to see distorted human faces or other frightening imagery. Some believe that jellyfish emit a light that causes people to see strange images. This may be caused by a phenomenon known as iridescence. In this light, certain wavelengths bounce off the jelly's surface and into the eye of a swimmer. This would explain why people have different interpretations of what they see when looking at a jellyfish.

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