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Sunday, June 11, 2023

Art Remains As People Transition


"Art Remains As People Transition"- by Bard ( AI/Google)
Art remains behind as people transition,
A record of what once was, a reflection
Of a life lived, a love shared, a passion spent
On something more than the ordinary rent.
It is a gift to those who come after,
A glimpse into a world that no longer matters,
A window into a soul that once was whole,
A reminder of what it means to be human.
So let us not forget the artists who created
These works of beauty, these expressions of self,
Let us not forget the people they were,
The lives they lived, the love they shared.
Let us remember them, and let us cherish
The art they left behind, as a testament
To the power of the human spirit,
And the beauty of the human heart.

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