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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Activated Carbon/ Graphite Binding Vehicle

 Polystyrene placed in acetone to remove trapped air.  Four-five styrofoam cups in about 50  ml. of acetone.  The acetone is carefully decanted and 50 ml. of toluene added. Stirring carried  out for 30 minutes at 20 deg C. 

A clear solution will form:

 Above:  clear solution  shown on left.  

A 1:1 mass of fine graphite powder and finely ground/ sieved activated carbon were mulled with enough styrofoam solution ( in toluene as shown above)  to form a paint-like viscosity.  It was applied with brush to steel screening and also poster board paper.  This is allowed to dry for 24 hrs.

                                   Top:  poster board with conducting paint applied. Bottom: steel screen with the paste.

  Using a multimeter, in one hour indication of  significant low resistance was noted. The samples are allowed to dry thoroughly for at least 24 hours.  Similar to Al, Cu, Zn, etc?  No, but the samples are expected to be useful as electrodes in selected applications such as battery / supercapacitor designs .  The binding paste should be kept in a closed glass bottle very quickly to prevent toluene solvent loss.

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