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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Benchscale Simple Asymmetric Supercapacitor

 MnO2 / charcoal paste on grafoil electrode paired with MnO2 activated carbon paste on another grafoil electrode.  Aq. K2SO4 electrolyte. Sealed in plastic envelope with a small heating pad.  Two strips of steel screen stapled..... to the grafoil electrodes which are fragile.  About 1.0V with. measurable charge storage.  Will run e-loads and collect data. Will upload results.

Great for getting students started in important research on "energy- storage"!


                                                     Prep of a grafoil electrode ( polish surface of the grafoil gently to remove any skin oil first ) with a paste of MnO2 / finely -ground activaterd carbon.

                                                      The two electrode pastes, one with charcoal and the other with activated carbon; both with MnO2 recovered from a  lantern 1.5V. Zn/ carbon cell.

I use some 25% gum arabic (aq.) as binder; it forms a beautiful paint.

       A rectangular hot-plate ( hair straightener ) which sells the unit's plastic bag holder.  5-7 second applications of heat. Do not touch the super cap with the heat source!

                                                 "Peanut" resting at home with me!

   The above experiment reminds us of the great Michael Faraday who fate rescued from a life of abject poverty.  A young (or old) mind can develop with these simple devices. The young mind has an increased chance of , someday, using multi- million dollar instrumentation.


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