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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Nickel Electrodes/ Electroplate Bath/ Supercapacitor Research


                                              Electroplating requires attention and care.  I require some nickle electrodes for use in experimental supercapaciot design.  A section of  freshly prepared copper was carried out with a cooper pad. It was then cleaned with 95% ethanol. I then dip in 2M HCl to create some surface area.  5V/ 1.1 amp electroplating bath with nickel acetate/ vinegar and some sodium chloride. I use a nickle rod as sacrificial anode.  About 30 minutes per side.

I will pair a circular piece in a cylinder with circular grafoil and the separator is solid activated carbon/ graphite in a cylinder with aq. K2SOY electrolyte.  I introduce students to this research with this simply constructed unit to get things started in research.

I will post a V/current profile in a few weeks.

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