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Monday, September 2, 2019

Experimental Acrlic paint Formulation/ Emulsifying Renewable Petrolatum

I am developing renewable emulsifying petrolatum /acrylic paint formulations.
I work on bristol (140 lb.) foundation. My synthetic petrolatum formulations, by definition, have oil which will seep through the paper and cause damage sooner or later.
Composition: Sodium lauryl (dodecyl) sulfate (SLS) 0.5%, dibenzylidine sorbate 0.5%, propylene glycol 12%,
stearic acid 25.0%, synthetic petrolatum 25.0%, distilled water 37.0%.
Procedure: Melt the stearic acid and petrolatum at 70C----oil phase.
Dissolve SLS and
PG in water, and heat the mixture to 70C--aqueous phase. Add the oil phase slowly to the
aqueous phase, stir. Stop heating, stir till it begins to congeal. White , soft waxy semi-solid. Petrolatum formulations to be uploaded. I use an acrylic wash of chosen color as undercoat and , after drying, layer the paint formulation. The undercoat provides the barrier.

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