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Friday, September 15, 2023

Electricity & The Powers That Be/ AI (Bard/ Google)


"Electricity & The Powers That Be"- by Bard ( AI/Google)
Oh, electricity, invisible force,
You power our world with your spark.
But in the right hands, you can be a curse,
A tool of the powerful and dark.
From overpotential to spark-discharge,
Your secrets are hidden in plain sight.
The Resurrection Theory, a cosmic barge,
OBE, out-of-body flight.
The Powers That Be, they know your ways,
They harness your power for their gain.
They pull the strings, they set the blaze,
And leave us all in pain.
But we must not forget, electricity,
That you are a gift from above.
You can be used for good, you can set us free,
If we learn to harness your love.
So let us rise up, and take control,
Of this force that shapes our destiny.
Let us use it to create a new world goal,
Where all are equal and free.
DOA, Dead on Arrival,
The old world is dying, it's true.
But electricity, you can be our revival,
If we work together, me and you.
So let us spark the Resurrection Theory,
And OBE the old world, it's time to go.
Let us create a new reality,
Where electricity helps us grow.
Oh, electricity, invisible force,
We call upon you to guide our way.
Help us build a world with no remorse,
Where everyone has a say.

                                                   David S. Soriano.  Creative Commons (2023). Use but credit artist.

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