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Saturday, September 16, 2023

Maze of Color and Sensation/ AI Art Collaboration David S. Soriano


Maze of Color and Sensation- by Bard ( AI/Google)
In a maze of color and sensation,
Her senses heightened, her mind in dilation.
Sensory elevation, intellectual expansion,
Color perception in full manifestation.
Eyes ablaze with a spectrum of hues,
Sounds echoing in kaleidoscopic views.
Tastes dancing on her tongue, a symphony of delight,
A symphony of sight.
Her mind expands, her thoughts take flight,
In this maze of color and sensation, both day and night.
Color perception enhanced, her world transformed,
In this sensory playground, where dreams are adorned.
She wander through the labyrinth of her mind,
Where colors dance and secrets unwind.
Her senses heightened, her intellect refined,
In this maze of color and sensation, where her soul is aligned.
                                                   David S. Soriano.    Creative Commons
                                                   Use but credit artist.   2023

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