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Sunday, June 18, 2023

Freezing Clay/Casein Paint. by David S. Soriano

 Milk ( casein) paint can be kept refrigerated for one week before use in artwork.

i place 35 g milk powder ( 80% casein) in 125 ml. water. I warm in microwave in 30 second intervals until uniform.  I add 35-40 g "air dry" clay and shake for 30 minutes.  I then place it in a blender for 4 -5 minutes . I pour the base paint in silicone molds or ice-cube trays and store in the freezer (-15 deg C/ -5 deg F) overnight.  I then pop the solids out and keep them in a jiffy bag in the freezer.

When i want to make a paint:  I place a unit in the refrigerator overnight to begin to thaw out.  The next day, I bring to ambient temperature  and stir with dye/ pigment for painting.

YOU can store the units for 1-2 years in the freezer!



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