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Saturday, June 24, 2023

Glaire/ Watercolor Paint Formulation by David S. Soriano

 The classic egg white ( glaire) paint is essentially whipped egg white with yolk removed. After settling for 12 hours, I scrape  off the crusty material on top of the glaire. it is essentially trapped air bubbles.

I get 25 g , or so, of egg white from a large egg.

I also can add a small amount of aq. guar gum to thicken the base paint , if desired.

The glaire paint was popular in Europe from about the 5th century C.E.  It was used with manuscripts.


I like working with this very fast base which is great for small artwork activity.


One approach is to use it with watercolors in pans.  I wet the color with water , clean brush and add glaire to the brush.  Remove some watercolor and apply to paper, poster-board or wood.  it dries quickly. I then clean the watercolor in the pan with a brush with water. You don't want the watercolor in the pan to harden.  The gum arabic binder in the watercolor mixes with the glaire with no problems.

Please be aware that many people have allergic repsonses to egg white due to the albumen proteins in the glaire.


                                                     Watercolor pan set, some glaire and a swatch on poster board.

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