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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

50% (m/v) Gum Arabic Paint Formulations. David S. Soriano

                         50% gum arabic ( gum acacia) has been used as an effective varnish. It is relatively inexpensive and renewable. $25.00 (postpaid USD) for 2.5 lbs. (4.4. kilo) via "Amazon".

Of course, artists have used this binder in preparing venerable watercolors.   I can prpare powdered gum arabic at the 50% (m/v) level by shaking in water overnight.

It can take up selected azo dyes easily , the latter prepared by "grind technology". Pesyan and co-workers demonstrated this solvent-free approach.  Thus,  a green methodology for producing water-based dyes for artwork and related applications.

Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society, 2009, 56, 1018-1027

Can be Azo Dyes Obtained by Grinding under Solvent-free Conditions?

Nader Noroozi-Pesyan,* Jabbar Khalafy and Zahra Malekpoor

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Urmia University, 57159, Urmia, Iran 


 Above is a swatch ( acrylic paper)  with an azo dye dissolved in 50% gum arabic binder. It dries quickly and is waterproof. The gum arabic solution can also be frozen without ill effects.  A small amount of benzoic acid can be added as preservative.

The gum arabic also is eefective in screening UV radiation 200-380 nm and can, hopefully, protect fugitive dyes.  WE will determins this in our lab.

Check back for details!

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