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Saturday, July 8, 2023

Pittura Mettafisica (2023) Fall of Rome. David S. Soriano


                    "Fall of Rome" (2023). by David S. Soriano

                      AI Collaborative Art.  Creative Commons. use but credit artist.


Fall of Rome-  by Bard ( AI/Google)

In days of old, the Roman eagle soared Above the nations, and its wings were wide; The world was its, and all its people swore To live or die for Rome, the mighty pride.

But now its flight is o'er, its wings are furled, Its eagle eye is dim, its beak is still; The nations rise, a mighty host unfurled, And Rome is weak, and Rome is doomed to fall.

The days of Rome are past, her glory gone, Her people scattered, and her name is dim; Yet still her spirit lives, and still her throne Is in the hearts of men, and in the sky.

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