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Friday, July 14, 2023

Chemistry, Technology, Art , Supercapacitors & Eggs! David S. Soriano

 Researchers at the Universisty of Virginia ( USA) in the "Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Dept., are studying the use of egg components in preparing supercapacitors.



                                                          Egg yolk, white and an equal volume of 6M sodium hydroxide were placed in a blender ( by me) and brought to a thick buttery-like paste. It has been placed in a silicone mold to cure for 24 hours at ambient temperature. 

Being a chemist ( working on supercapacitor designs) and artist, I took some of the fresh material, mixed with a red food coloring dye and applied to acrylic paper. Great!  A new type of egg tempera paint.

I would NOT recommend this to artists since 6M sodium hydroxide is caustic . It is simply an example of chemical technology and painting.   The extremely alkaline material can also react with various dyes and pigments. 

I will investigate this novel binder over days and weeks and upload my observations here for you to observe.

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