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Friday, July 14, 2023

Short Story: Humpty Dumpty Mechanical Engineer & Supercapacitors. David S. Soriano

"Humpty Dumpty: Mechanical Engineer & The Supercapacitor". by Bard ( AI/Google) and David S. Soriano. (2023)

Sure, here is a short story with the keywords Humpty Dumpty, mechanical engineer, egg supercapacitor, and jumbo eggs at the store:

Humpty Dumpty was a mechanical engineer  (the hard-boiled type) who had a dream of creating a supercapacitor made of eggs. He believed that the unique properties of eggshells would make them ideal for storing electrical energy.

After years of research, Humpty finally developed a working prototype of his egg supercapacitor. He was so excited that he decided to test it out by driving his car to the store to buy some jumbo eggs.

As he was driving, Humpty thought about all the possibilities that his egg supercapacitor could open up. He could use it to power his car, his home, or even his entire neighborhood. He could even sell it to other companies and make a fortune.

When Humpty arrived at the store, he went straight to the egg aisle. He was surprised to see that the store was selling jumbo eggs for only a few cents each. He bought as many as he could carry and then headed home to test out his egg supercapacitor.

Humpty connected the egg supercapacitor to his car and turned the key. The engine started right up! Humpty was so excited that he started dancing around the garage. He had finally achieved his dream of creating a supercapacitor made of eggs.

Humpty continued to test his egg supercapacitor and was very pleased with the results. It was able to store a lot of energy and it was very efficient. Humpty knew that he had made a major breakthrough and he was eager to share his invention with the world.

Humpty eventually patented his egg supercapacitor and started a company to manufacture and sell them. His company became very successful and Humpty became a wealthy man. He used his wealth to help others and to further his research into egg supercapacitors.

Humpty Dumpty's story is a reminder that anything is possible if you have a dream and are willing to work hard to achieve it. He was able to turn his dream of creating a supercapacitor made of eggs into a reality, and he changed the world in the process. 

Footnote: Humpty later realized that he had used "large" eggs with his research for the patent application, not "jumbo".  Back to the drawing board.......

                                             "Humpty Dumpty: Mechanical Engineer" (2023)

                                             AI Collaborative Art.  David S. Soriano

                                              Creative Commons. Use but credit artist and writers.                    

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