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Saturday, July 29, 2023

"Shell Emergence". David S. Soriano


I was once a shell, Crouched in the dark, Too afraid to venture out, Too afraid to hark.

But then I heard a voice, A voice of hope, A voice that said, "You are sacred, Your life is yours to cope."

So I took a deep breath, And I stepped out of my shell, And I saw the world in a new light, And I knew that I could tell.

I could tell my story, I could share my light, I could inspire others, To find their own might.

So if you're feeling stuck, If you're feeling small, Just remember that you are sacred, And you have the power to crawl.

Crawl out of your shell, And step into the light, And see the world in a new way, And find your purpose in life.-   Bard ( AI/Google)

                             "Shell Emergence". (2023). by David S. Soriano

                               AI Collaborative Art    Creative Commons.  Use but credit artist.

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